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Seeweb s.r.l. subentra senza soluzione di continuità in tutti i rapporti giuridici, attivi e passivi relativi al Ramo e prima facenti capo a 7host S.r.l.
Dalla data del 10/02/2017, dovrete quindi fare riferimento alla sola Seeweb S.r.l. per qualsiasi rapporto commerciale relativo al Ramo, anche se sorto precedentemente a tale data.

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7host S.r.l provided with the conveyance of business branch for domains, hosting, vps and colocation to the Company Seeweb S.r.l.
Seeweb S.r.l. replaces all the legal relationships, active and passive, related to the branch and that before were reporting to 7host S.r.l.
Starting from the date of 10 February 2017, you must refer to Seeweb S.r.l. for any commercial relationship related to the branch, even though emerged previously to the same data.

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E-Mail >> Emails Management
Antispamming Filters

Our MailServers have an Antispamming protection checking all incoming emails in the following blacklists:

- SpamCop
- Spamhaus.org
- Ahbl.org
- Njabl.org

Furthemore, we offer three different AntiSpam levels:
1. add Rules throu the Mail Administration panel available logging at www.7host.com/login.asp. In the Mail Administration panel, just choose "Domain Filters" from the drop down menu or click on "Web Admin" link and choose "Inboud Rules".
Rules are helpful in filtering out spam, and e-mail messages that contain certain types of attached files or text. You can also use rules to direct mail that you get, such as a newsletter, into a specific mailbox. You can have more information on how to add Rules clicking on the "Help" link in the Mail Administration panel.

2. AntiSpam Gateway: all incoming emails can be filtered from our AntiSpam Gateway. This service is free.

3. IMail Antispam: you can manage AntiSpam features (word, statistical, SPF, ...) using an advanced panel from IMail and it has an additional cost of 7 euro/Year.

You can also install a your own antispam client in your PC like Spam Bully (www.spambully.com) or SpamHilator (www.spamihilator.com).

E-Mail >> Emails Management
Automatic reply setup

It is possible to setup an automatic reply to be sent to the sender of the message whenever you receive an email message.

This function is activated via Webmail (http://mail.domain.com) in the "Preferences" section, when you insert the text in the message box (in other words, if the message box is empty, the automatic answer is off).

E-Mail >> Emails Management
Check your emails using the WebMail

7Host provide WebMail service and it is available at http://mail.yourdomain.com

E-Mail >> Emails Management
How to create Rules and how they work

Email delivery rules are used to assist you in managing your mail, and are based on the contents of the To, From, Sender, Subject, Message Header , and Message Body fields.

They help you to filter out spam and other messages that contain certain types of attachments, and can be used to direct specified mail into a specific mailbox. The IMail Web client applies the rules you create when messages arrive in your Inbox.

For example, all messages directed to you with the words "Awesome Medical Breakthrough" can be routed to your System Administrator, or to a folder named Spam.

It is possible to create, modify and delete rules from the Webmail (http://mail.domain.com) in the "Rules" section.

E-Mail >> Emails Management
How to manage mailboxes

You can manage your mailboxes and their options through the Control Panel at http://www.7host.com/login.asp, clicking on the domain to manage and then clicking on "Mail Administration" or directly from the WebMail at http://mail.yourdomain.com (logging as root@yourdomain.com and clicking on "Web Admin"to manage all the mailboxes of the domain, or by logging using the email address of a single mailbox to handle its options).

Through the "Mail Administration" panel , you can create, modify and delete mailboxes, aliases, Auto-reply, Mailing List and other options.

E-Mail >> Emails Management
How to setup a Forward

It is possible to add a Forward address throu the personal WebMail (in "Preference" section) or in the Mail Administration (choosing the email account to manage).

If you want to forward the emails to another user on the same domain, enter the simple user ID (userid instead of userid@domain.com). To forward the emails to a different host, enter a complete mail address (userid@domain.com).
To leave a copy of a message in the user's mailbox and forward a copy to another user, precede the address with a period and comma (.,) using the format:
To forward to multiple users, separate each address with a comma.

E-Mail >> Emails Management
How to setup a Vacation Message

You can automatically send a vacation message to anyone who sends you mail. This feature is activated when you enter a message in the Vacation Message text box and click Enable from the WebMail (http://mail.yourdomain.com) -> Preferences.

Your vacation message will be sent once to each email address that sends you mail. The email addresses of those who have been sent your vacation message are tracked, to prevent any email address from receiving your vacation message more than once.

Note: Compare this feature to the Auto Responder feature (which sends an automatic response to each message that's received, regardless of whether or not the sender has already received the automatic response).

To send a vacation message

  • Enable. Checking this check box will notify each user who sends you mail
  • Vacation Message text box allows input only if enabled. This message will be sent once to each user who sends you mail.

To stop sending a vacation message

  • Clear the Enable check box.
E-Mail >> Emails Management
How to setup an Alias

An email alias is an alternative for a user's email address or a group of user's email addresses.
An email alias looks like an email address, but it is a name defined within an email domain to represent a logon name. Therefore more than one email alias may refer to a POP3 account.

A standard alias is a name that indicates a single user ID on the same mail server. Mail is sent to:

  • Up to four user IDs on the same system.
  • Up to four remote mail addresses.
  • Another alias.
  • Any combination of the above

IMPORTANT: If you create a standard alias that includes more than four entries, the standard alias is converted to a group alias. We recommend that a group alias be used for less than 50 users. For over 50 users it is recommended that a list be set up instead.

To set up a new Alias, log into your control panel (www.7host.com/login.asp), choose the domain to manage and proceede as follow:

  1. click on "Mail Administration"
  2. click on "Web Admin" at the top right
  3. click on "Alias Administration"
  4. Insert the Alias Name and choose the Alias type (Standard or Group)
  5. Click the "Next" button
  6. Insert the Email addresses where to redirect the emails
  7. click on "Finish" button
E-Mail >> Emails Management
How to setup new mailboxes

To set up new mailboxes, log into your control panel (www.7host.com/login.asp), choose the domain to manage and proceede as follow:

  1. click on "Mail Administration"
  2. click on "Web Admin" at the top right
  3. click on "User Administration"
  4. Click the "Add" button and fill the following fields:
    - User ID: enter the name of the new mailbox (e.g. info)
    - Full name: Enter the user's First Name and Last Name
    - Password: Enter a user password. Passwords are limited in length to 3 to 30 alphanumeric characters and cannot include asterisks
    - Confirm password: Enter the user password a second time to confirm the password
  5. click on "Save" button

Below are descriptions of other options:

  • Allow Password Change: to let the user change his/her password in WebMail
  • Grant Account Access: to let the user use the email account remotely through POP3 or IMAP4
  • Access Information Services: to let the user modify his/her LDAP attributes (name, address, organization, etc.)
  • Allow Web Access: to let a user access his/her WebMail
  • List Administrator Permissions: to let a user add, modify, or delete any list server mailing list on the mail domain(s) he or she has list admin permissions to
  • Domain Administrator Permissions: to let a user add, modify, or delete users and aliases (except program aliases) on the mail domain (host) he or she has domain administrator permission to. Domain administrators also have List administrator permissions
  • Subscribe to Lists: select the domain's list(s) from the list box to which the user wants to subscribe
  • Add to Group Aliases: select the domain's group alias(es) from the list box to which the user wants to belong
E-Mail >> Emails Management
How to setup the Catch-all

It is possible to setup a catch-all address throu the "nobody" alias which receives messages from users that do not exist on your host, and forwards the message to the address specified in the "nobody" alias.

To create a "nobody" alias simply follow instructions for adding a standard alias, with the standard alias name being "nobody" .

E-Mail >> Emails Management
Mail client configuration

Following are the paremeters to configure mail clients (eg. Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla, ...):

Incoming email (POP3): mail.domain.xxx
Outgoing email (SMTP): mail.domain.xxx
Account name: account@domain.xxx
Password: that one chosen when creating the email account

To send emails using our SMTP Server it is necessary to check in the mail client the option 'My Server Requires Authentication' and select 'Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server'.

N.B.: some ISPs does NOT allow to send emails using external SMTP servers. In this case, contact your ISP to know the paremeters to use in your mail client.

E-Mail >> Emails Management
Mailboxes available

Each domain has a 5 mailboxes 50 MB of space (in addition to your pre-set 'root' and alias' postmaster '), infinite aliases, infinite forwards, infinite mailing lists, vacation message and auto-reply.

The 'root' mailbox and 'postmaster' alias are automatically activated with the domain activation and can not be removed. The 'root' mailbox allow to manage all other mailboxes, and the default password is the same of the domain access: the mailbox is not included among those which can be created, therefore 6 accounts for every domain will result available. All emails addressed to 'postmaster' are redirected to the 'root' mailbox.

It is possible to have an unlimited number of boxes of 50 MB through the additional service Unlimited Number Mailboxes, or to add other blocks of 50 MB for all mailboxes using the Space MailBoxes service or to add the GigaMail service to expand the mailbox space to 1 GB.

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