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How to name the Homepage

Default pages names are in the following order:

  • default.htm
  • default.html
  • index.htm
  • index.html
  • default.asp
  • index.asp
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Language and database supported

Free web spaces support only HTML, ASP 3.0 and MS Access

All 7Host servers have installed Windows 2003 and IIS6.

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Services offered

Each Free WebSpace includes the following services:

  • 50 MB WebSpace
  • URL address like
  • ASP 3.0
  • Account FTP
  • Instant activation
  • Control Panel
  • Banner exposed on your pages

Our Free Servers are different from Business Servers as they have some restrictions on installed services to avoid server resource jeopardize.

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The absolute path on the server

To know the absolute path use this statement:

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To point my domain to free web space

Sorry, We can link your domain only to Business Account spaces.

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Use of Global.asa

We have disabled Global.asa on our Free Accounts: this is because we need to avoid "processor consuming" operations on our Free Accounts servers.

Members usually appreciate server speed, but as can be seen, a trade off is necessary.

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Where to put Access files (*.mdb)

You can put your Access files everywhere in your folder.
You have the necessary permissions to work with your database.

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