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Grace Period, Redemption Period and Pending Delete Status for domains with other extensions

If the domain is not renewed, the domain is given a 30 day grace period before the domain is deleted from our system.

During this time, the domain can still be renewed by logging into your account and renewing the domain. After the domain is deleted from our records, the Registry will pull the domain within 10 days and put the domain in the status, "REDEMPTIONPERIOD".

During the Redemption Period, the Registry gives the owner of the domain one more chance to re-activate the domain. The cost to re-activate the domain is of 150 Euro. The Redemption Period lasts 30 days.

If the domain is not re-activated, the domain enters a "PENDINGDELETE" status. The domain will be purged from the registry database after being in this status for 5 calendar days. Only then will the domain be available to register as new.

7HOST cannot assure the recovery of the domain during the Redemption Period.

Domains >> Renew
How to renew the domain registration

Starting from 2 months before the expiration date of the domain name, as from our archives, we send renewal advice emails to the email address in our possession, in which it appears the expiration date and the procedures to renew the domain name.

In case that the renewal order is not paid before the expiration date all services will be suspended.

Domains >> Renew
NO PROVIDER Status .IT Domains

If the domain .IT is not renewed within the expiration date, it is placed in NO-PROVIDER-MNT.

The domain in NO-PROVIDER status may be renewed or transferred to 7HOST.

After 60 days from inclusion in NO-PROVIDER, the domain, if not recovered, is entered from the Register in the Redemption-NO-PROVIDER status.

The domain will remain in this state for 30 days, during which it can be renewed or transferred to 7HOST. Will not be possible, however, to change the ownership.

After 30 days of the Redemption-NO-PROVIDER without the domain has been recovered, the status is changed to PENDING DELETE from the registry.

During PENDING DELETE the domain name can not be recovered. Become available for a new registration after 5 days.

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