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How to transfer a domain from 7HOST to another Registrar/Maintainer

To transfer the domain extension other than .it it is necessary to require the release of the domain and the Authorization Code throu the HelpDesk system.

The transfer of a domain from 7HOST to another Registrar/Maintainer has no cost but it is not entitled to any refund for the remaining time.

Domains >> Transfer
How to transfer a domain to 7HOST

To transfer a domain to 7HOST just submit the order at

With the domain transfer all services with the previous Registrar/Maintainer (www, FTP, email, ...) will be disabled, so we recommend to reactivate the services on our servers (publication of the website, email, ...) before the transfer of the domain is completed.

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Time needed for domain transfer

The time needed to register .com, .net, .info, ... domains are of about 5-7 working days, while .it domains the time is of approximately of 3 working days.

To transfer a .IT domain name be sure to have sent the correct and complete documentation.
Note that the registration of .IT domains starts when the Italian Registry has received the transfer request form.
It is possible to download the required documentation in the download section.

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Transferable domain extensions

It is possible to transfer domains with the following extensions:

. com.  net.  org.  biz.  info.  tv.  eu.  us.  uk
. it (including geographic domains e.g.

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